(Sample) Abstract: Christian Yongwhan Lim will cover how to best prepare technical interviews. He will go through the absolute must topics to pass. He will also cover his know-hows on how to impress interviewers in behavioral and system design interviews. Be sure to bring some of your most burning questions! This will be a unique opportunity where you will have a chance to interact with an entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching, coaching, and mentoring students. Be sure to check it out!

Bio: Christian Yongwhan Lim is a CEO (Co-founder) in a Stealth Startup, a Co-Founder in Christian and Grace Consulting, an Associate of Computer Science at Columbia University where he is Head Coach for its ICPC team, and a Visiting Instructor at Cornell-Tech. He is passionate about teaching on the topics of technical interview preparation and competitive programming. He also volunteers as ICPC Internship Manager and ICPC Judge for North America Regionals (Mid-Central, North Cental, SoCal, and Greater New York) and North America Qualifier. He had been a Research Software Engineer at Google for nearly six years and a Senior Quantitative Software Engineer at Two Sigma Investments for a bit over a half year. He pursued a PhD program in Operations Research at MIT for about three years where he was advised by Professor Asuman Ozdaglar. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics (double major) and an MS in Computer Science, all from Stanford.

Stanford University

@ Stanford Computer Forum (host: Trudy Gonzalez)

@ Stanford ICPC

@ Stanford Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering

@ Stanford Alumni Association (host: Michelle Badger)

CMU - Silicon Valley

@ CMU Career Services (host: Leigh Mason)

Columbia University

@ Columbia Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA) Career Panel

@ Columbia Research Symposium (host: Emerging Scholars Program)

Princeton University

@ Computer Science (host: Pedro Paredes)

Harvard University

@ Office of Career Services

University of Chicago

@  ICPC (host: Ziyi Zhang)

UC Berkeley

@ ICPC (host: Xavier Plourde)

@ Guest Lecture (host: Park Sinchaisri)

UC Los Angeles


UC San Diego

@ Computer Science (host: Jingbo Shang)


@ Computer Science


@ Computer Science (host: Mattox Beckman)

Georgia Tech

@ Computer Science (host: Maxwell Zhang)

Stony Brook

@ Computer Science (host: Rezaul Chowdhury)


@ Computer Science (host: CS Club)


@ Computer Science (host: David Becerra)


@ Computer Science (host: CP Club)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

@ Computer Science

National University of Singapore (NUS)

@ Computer Science (host: Steven Halim)


@ Computer Science (host: Juho Kim)

Seoul National University (SNU)

@ Computer Science (host: Taesup Moon)


@ Computer Science (host: Myeongjae Jeon)