(Sample) Abstract: Christian Yongwhan Lim will cover how to best prepare technical interviews. He will go through the absolute must topics to pass. He will also cover his know-hows on how to impress interviewers in behavioral and system design interviews. Be sure to bring some of your most burning questions! This will be a unique opportunity where you will have a chance to interact with an entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching, coaching, and mentoring students. Be sure to check it out!

Bio: Christian Yongwhan Lim is a CEO (Co-founder) in a Stealth Startup, a Co-Founder in Christian and Grace Consulting, and an Associate in Computer Science at Columbia University where he is Head Coach for its ICPC team. He is passionate about teaching on the topics of technical interview preparation and competitive programming. He also volunteers as ICPC Internship Manager and ICPC Judge for North America Regionals (Mid-Central, North Central, SoCal, and Greater New York) and North America Qualifier. He will be one of the trainers at ICPC North America Championship and North America Programming Camp (NAC/NAPC) in May 2024. He had been a Research Software Engineer at Google for nearly six years and a Senior Quantitative Software Engineer at Two Sigma Investments for a bit over a half year. He pursued a PhD program in Operations Research at MIT for about three years where he was advised by Professor Asuman Ozdaglar. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics (double major) and an MS in Computer Science, all from Stanford.

Stanford University

@ Stanford Computer Forum (host: Trudy Gonzalez)

@ Stanford ICPC

@ Stanford Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering

@ Stanford Alumni Association (host: Michelle Badger)

CMU - Silicon Valley

@ CMU Career Services (host: Leigh Mason)

Columbia University

@ Columbia Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA) Career Panel

@ Columbia Research Symposium (host: Emerging Scholars Program)

Princeton University

@ Computer Science (host: Pedro Paredes)

Harvard University

@ Office of Career Services

University of Chicago

@  ICPC (host: Ziyi Zhang)

UC Berkeley

@ ICPC (host: Xavier Plourde)

@ Guest Lecture (host: Park Sinchaisri)

UC Los Angeles


UC San Diego

@ Computer Science (host: Jingbo Shang)


@ Computer Science


@ Computer Science (host: Mattox Beckman)

Georgia Tech

@ Computer Science (host: Maxwell Zhang)

Stony Brook

@ Computer Science (host: Rezaul Chowdhury)


@ Computer Science (host: CS Club)


@ Computer Science (host: David Becerra)


@ Computer Science (host: CP Club)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

@ Computer Science

National University of Singapore (NUS)

@ Computer Science (host: Steven Halim)


@ Computer Science (host: Juho Kim)

Seoul National University (SNU)

@ Computer Science (host: Taesup Moon)


@ Computer Science (host: Myeongjae Jeon)